Caution: Repetitive



“Should we not fear this domestication of sound, this magic that anyone can bring from a disc at will? Will it not bring to waste the mysterious force of an art which one might have thought indestructible?”
— Claude Debussy on the introduction of records and record players and their effect on music.


Music is not indestructible. Caution Repetitive is here to destroy music as you gaze in awe at the whole stupid spectacle. Noises are synthesized and processed, recorded and manipulated. Rhythmic patterns sampled and looped endlessly, endlessly, layered and sequenced with each other.


Caution Repetitive is the product of too many cartoon theme songs, too much TV, video games and endless bad movies.

Caution Repetitive melts in your hand, not in your mouth.

Caution Repetitive is the little fear that brings total annihilation.



Caution Repetitive’s last demo sold over thirty copies (through mostly stand-over tactics) and was a money-making venture of Caution Technologies. Caution Repetitive consists mainly of machines and computers.


The name Caution Repetitive is from high school, where an electronics teacher described a tape of the music as “repetitive.” He was right.


Caution Repetitive is from Geelong, Australia and enjoys watching TV and listening to horrible horrible music.

[Here is a photo of Caution Repetitive giving a lecture on atomic particles]

Caution:REPETITVE – Where Eagles Dare by killbotrecords

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