d R E x

dREx music is a combination of mangled drum rhythms, discordant synthesis & samples of audio gear pushed over the edge. All twisted together to create an intense onslaught of sound & music. dREx explores styles such as drill n’ bass, scum n’ buzz, glitch hop, experimental jungle & ambient. His music also explores mood and emotion on an equal level, sometimes melancholy sometimes happy and then sometimes this fucked up strange intensity that you just cant put your finger on.

Rene’ Thomson AKA dREx started out making instrumental hip hop using an old DOS sample tracker on his computer back in 1997 and didn’t upgrade till 2001,

This has been the foundation of his style, taking what little gear or programs you have and exploiting their quirks and faults to create new music and sounds. Influences range from classics like Kraftwerk and Mahavishnu orchestra to modern influences such as Squarepusher and Autechre.


Drex – DREXIAN by killbotrecords


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