spirokeet is the end result of years worth of bashing keyboards,

punching screens and kicking computer cases. PCs are a temperamental

species, but given the right balance of tender loving and iron-fisted
discipline they can be surprisingly tuneful creatures. Created solely in
the bedroom using only software based synthesisers and sequencers,
spirokeet is an ode to the personal computer.


spirokeet (under various guises) has enjoyed
airplay on Melbourne’s 3rrr, 3pbs, sra & syn fm as well as at various parties across the land. apparently even played in Japan at one stage also, but you shouldn’t believe everything you’re told…


Ollie was also the other half of popular teen MOD Tracker band STONE HEAD with James baker (caution:repetitve). James & Ollie met at high school in 1990.


it wasn’t until 1992 that they discovered their similar tastes in music. for the
next four years they exchanged ‘mods’ (a PC rip-off of the Amiga music
module: 4-track mono 8-bit files), remixing one another’s industrial-music
influenced mods. when high school ended they went their separate ways but always remained in contact, sharing software and the sounds that they created on their PCs. a typical boy meets boy meets computer story.

Featured on:

Spirokeet – What the fuck by killbotrecords