Stone Head

Stone Head (EST. 1993-95)

10 years too late, Stone head all began back in early 93 in Geelong, when a guy who we kind of knew named Stuarttt stayed at our house while he was recovering from the chicken pox. He brought with him a modem and a homemade Parallel port sound card (8 bit), which our PC recognised as a Disney Sound Source.

There were many nights of incredibly slow downloads from local Geelong BBS’s gathering Amiga protracker modules made from people all over the world, was a source of useful 8bit samples. Stuarttt then sent James to a friends place in Highton, to collect a few MOD utils. Including which were MODEDIT and Module Player.

Stuarttt then taught James how to use the tracker by composing a Mod of the Christian song “Awesome God” in a few minutes. Stuarttt left and promised he would build a sound card for us, that didn’t happen so there were a few months of using MODEDIT without a sampler or a decent sound output.

For the PC back in 93, you would listen to the MOD thru your PC’s internal beeper/speaker. James then purchased the 8bit Sound Blaster for the PC costing $150, giving him sampling powers, heaps of sampling of TV and movies, etc. James introduced MODEDIT to his friend Ollie, and had to teach him how to use the program over the telephone.

A few hundred MODs were traded between James and Ollie in 1993 and slowly died down in 1994-95 (the VCE years). A handful of Stone head cassettes were made, including a demo. And a track was played on local Geelong radio. A CD-R was made in 1997 and now (2003) a 12″

Time to put Stone Head to bed.

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