The Burning Clock

…….The Burning Clock……
= ??

Burning Clock lives in an old run-down house
in East Geelong. The house’s
dodgy electrics cause the odd electrical appliance to
explode or catch fire.


Burning Clock was sitting in the bedroom when the digital alarm clock “popped” and burst into flames. It was 2:26 in the morning. By candle-light Burning Clock wrote “Sometimes time must burn” on the wall.


In a room with a dirt floor, a cheap computer
sits on a small pile of bricks.
The monitor is on a crate. It is Burning Clock’s
machine and Burning Clock’s true love.


Burning Clock writes music quickly.
He does not stop halfway through.


He has the feeling that he is trying to write that one
song he dreamt of that night he first saw the burning clock.