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Released APRIL 2004 – $15 (AUD$)
cut-up / experimental beats + hardcore / break core / miscellaneous !!

* Still Available *

Side A
A1 – Killbot Message.
A2 – Caution: Repetitive – Intermission.
A3 – chEAT MONkEY – Blue Velvet.


Side B
B1 – SpirokEEt – The Planet Ogo.
B2 – Princo – Mormon.
B3 – Stone Head – Clear a Path.
B4 – Killbot Rubbish.

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Review extracted from SYSTEM:CORRUPT in late May ’04

New record from GEELONG

fucking awesome – what?
give us a review!!

OK, these guys have managed to pin-point various emotional weak points in the human psyche. The music is unpredictable in places, I liken it best to Cobrakiller, as it is in places very poorly sequenced (this is NOT a criticism – if only more producers were less obsessed with being “tight” and concentrated on outlining their emotional landscapes!) and uses loops and samples which decoy the rhythm of the ear.

The cut up’s are a highpoint, definately, as is the chEAT MONkEY track “BLue Velvet” (this track drew a very dark and intense conversation from a close friend of mine by virtue of it’s drone and horror). The b-side is just that, breakcore is not any more bearable for just a few funny samples (take THAT, toecutter!) give the kids more cut-ups, I say!!

It is great to see Aussie’s (oi, oi, oi) doing records in Australia, with little regard for their wider acceptance (shame on you, O.S. up-suckers!! *weep*) just for the HELL OF IT!!!

I am TOTALLY impressed with this record

get it here (at their website, though it IS available at PAINT IT BLACK, Enmore Rd. Newtown (near the station) and also at Bloody Fist, I think)