KILLCD – 02 Spirokeet – One Gang (CD-R)

Spirokeet – One Gang


1- warriors

a tribute to the 70s’ ny gang film. A slice of old school hiphop/elecro. Also inspired by that 80s’ PWEI classic, can u dig it?  ’riffs, yeah’

2- tested

Made from samples taken from my first synthesizer, bought when i was 4- the casiotone. also some help

from an 808.

3- space patroller

science fiction can be fun for everyone. you too can become a space patroller, just send your donation

in coins.

4- the planet ogo

hard drums, distorted 404s. Inspired by a love for german drum’n’bass in the shape of position

chrome, panacea, etc.

5- a higher power

written as a tribute to the mid 90s’ melbourne hardware scene- big rooms, lotsa space, very serious

looking people. you looking at me?!!

6- a violent order *

…is disorder. an electronic explination of how your mind works.  input is executed through random


7- no choice *

kip the killer. he had no choice. who wants parents anyway?

* = spirokeet remixes of Caution Repetitive tracks.

Playing time = 31:33


all music by Oliver wells

except 6 & 7 by James baker/wells

a Well baked product